Download the 2021 Panhellenic Congress Final Programme: PROGRAMME.

13 - 16 December

You are invited to participate in the top conference in the fields of health sciences and health services research, with a remarkable impact on the country’s health policies, taking place -due to the pandemic- online, on 13-16 December 2021.

The focus of the 2021 Panhellenic Congress is on the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Webinars will take place the week prior to the congress, from Tuesday 7 to Friday 10 of December.

Congress Themes & Topics

The aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic
The global strategy for tackling the pandemic
The COVID-19 epidemiological status and the prospects of dealing with the pandemic
Clinical and laboratory management of COVID-19
Social, psychological and behavioural impacts on health from the COVID-19 pandemic
Political dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic
Economic dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic
The political and operational approach of the COVID-19 pandemic
Prospects of COVID-19 vaccination
The effect of population mobility on the COVID-19 pandemic
Legal and bioethical dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19 pandemic in workplaces: Lessons learned
The new outlook of pharmaceutical policy post-COVID-19 pandemic
National medicine policy: Interventions for the regulation of the pharmaceutical market
Health Technology Assessment
Pharmaceutical innovation
Managing biomedical and pharmaceutical technology & innovation
Addictions after the pandemic: Data and Policies
The “One Health” approach at the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic
Behavioural and societal risk factors for health
Control and management of major risk factors for health
Smoking: risk management and reduction policies in a new era
Obesity: Towards a roadmap for fighting obesity
The need for restructuring public health
Restructuring public health services in regional and local government
Public health policy and economy: towards a new balance in health
Primary healthcare in the post-COVID-19 era
New priorities in the reform of primary healthcare
A strategy for the development of Primary Healthcare in Greece
Integrated primary healthcare networks
The prospects of growth for the Greek economy
Start-up entrepreneurship in health
Development policies and investment priorities in the healthcare sector
Telematics and monitoring: support to remote areas
Patient electronic health record: the healthcare sector’s digital era
The complementarity of social security and private insurance in health
Public and private sector cooperation in achieving “One Health”
The complementarity of the public and private sector in health
Supporting patients’ access to innovative therapies
Leveraging digital technology and big data
National Registry of COVID-19 Patients: how to best put it into use

Official Language

The official language of the Congress will be Greek. There will be English to Greek interpretation & vice-versa for the sessions with foreign guest speakers.


Participants of the 2021 Congress are informed that, for promotional purposes:
a. Photographs will be taken during the virtual conference, b. All virtual sessions will be recorded on video, c. Select session may be broadcast through live streaming, d. After the conclusion of the Congress presentations videos will be posted on the congress website